Crucified with Christ: A Morning Prayer

Oh Lord God, my sin! My sin! How great are my offenses against Thee! The accumulation of them rots and stinks in the remote regions of my soul for lack of confession. Ah the foolishness of vain self-protection from the One who saves to the uttermost! So, Continue Reading

Remembering the Legacy of D. James Kennedy in My Life and Ministry

A producer and film crew from Truth In Action Ministries – formally Coral Ridge Ministries — came to our Charlotte campus today to shoot some footage for a special production on remembering the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. The thoughtful visit gave me some Continue Reading

Ministering Personally to Minister Pastorally

I am arriving at Fort Jackson this evening. Tomorrow morning I will join with the cadre at the United States Army Chaplain Center and School to give support and instruction for mid-career chaplains. There's something that I want to say; something that is Continue Reading

Let Us Wake Before We Die: Saying Your Prayers on Easter Sunday

And so it is Easter. We read from the familiar passages, but may the Lord of life come upon us in a surprisingly new way this year! Listen as if for the first time for the inerrant,infallible Word of the living God! But as you listen, it is this Continue Reading

On the Occassion of the Baptism of Infants: A Letter to Pastors-to-Be

auntjojo /Free PhotosMy dearest students in the pastoral ministry and colleagues in the Gospel of His grace: There is no greater joy in the Christian ministry then holding an infant in your arms, slipping your hand into the baptismal font, scooping up Continue Reading

Appointment of Dr. Ligon Duncan to Chair of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS Furthers Gospel Vision

      Our vision for seminary is to increasingly become an incubator for pastor-scholars who will take the truth of God' Word, the passion for God's world, and the commitment to God's grace to human beings and their culture—in the Continue Reading

Christmas Eve Order and Bulletin Sample


The families will soon be gathering in, dear friends! The children will be squirming, the in-laws looking to see where their children now worship, the soloist jittery as she prepares for that first note of "Once in Royal David's City," and you, taking it Continue Reading

A Prayer for Guidance

Oh God, I believe that Thou knowest just what is best for me. I can ask nothing better than this, to be in Thy care, not my own. Through Thy grace, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest. Amen. – A Prayer of FB Meyer, Our Daily Walk Related Continue Reading

Defense Draw-down Talk while the Nation is at War: Irresponsible and Immoral

The failure of the bipartisan super committee to take decisive action to reverse the 15 trillion-dollar debt crisis this country needs from becoming another Greece has, predictably, failed. Now the Washington blame game begins. However, the greatest Continue Reading

Don’t Miss Autumn…I mean “Fall”

  Ah, what a magnificent morning! I do love autumn! It is on its way! With George Eliot I would sing, “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns!”[1] Autumn is not Continue Reading