The Valley Commandos: Will Revival Return to Wales? And if So?


One of the joys of being associated with the Seminary is being associated with her students.

The apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonians and he asked a rhetorical question, “What is our glory or hope or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you…” (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20).

Our joy and crown of rejoicing are visionary seminary students like James from near Bromesgrove, England who studies now at RTS in Charlotte. James knew I was sick a bit and said he sent me a video of what is going on in South Wales to cheer me. Oh how this “good news from a far country” thrilled my neurocardiogenic syncope mind and heart!!!

There, a group of new young pastors have gathered together and called themselves the Valley Commandos.

 These young men are not commandos in the much heralded Welsh Guard of the British Army—as noble a history as the Welsh Guard indeed have. No! These young men are commandos from Another Realm whose King is Christ Jesus! Their mission? They aim to spend and be spent in planting churches all over the valleys of southeastern Wales. They long for the days when hymns will be sung in chapels across the villages of the valleys on the Lord’s day as once they were. They dream of souls saved, lives transformed, and a culture changed by the rule and reign of King Jesus! These are the new “St. Davids” of Cambria who bring tidings of great joy and establish Gospel assemblies wherever they go!

I wanted to share this video because as James shared it with me, the Holy Spirit flooded my soul and gave me hope. I began to think: If our God sends revival again in little Wales, then this could be that spark that revitalizes not only Great Britain but all of old Christendom! That is my constant prayer!

What a wonderful thought. What a glorious hope. What a moving video…and I share it with you now:

Pray for these fine young pastors. Pray for a movement of God from on high that could only be brought down by the mercy of God. Pray for more enlisted Soldiers of the Cross for the Lord’s Commandos!