A New Years Letter to our Ministry Colleagues at RTS


My beloved in Christ,

I wanted to write you directly. I wanted to share what it is a central and growing concern and aching plea to God: for revival in our time.

I share this video of the first Faith for Living of the new year, recorded just a few weeks ago, fresh from my heart to yours, to let you know what I am praying for in our ministry together: I am asking God to raise up a new generation of pastors and missionaries with a white hot passion for “God to come down.” I am asking God to send the “Spirit of Prayer” to our campuses. I am asking that God will use us, with others, to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ so that the Holy Spirit breaks through the apathy, the disregard, the waywardness, and the sensuality of this “present evil age” to reach minds with His truth and hearts with His grace and hands that will be used to build up “the things that remain” in our nation.

I share this Faith for Living video with you out of that burden as we begin a new year. God bless you. Thank you for your laboring together with me in this cause. I could not be more honored or humbled by the call to serve with you.

Here is the link to the YouTube archive of the program that airs this week. Would you share it with your family? With your friends?Would you share it with nominal believers or unbelievers. Share it with churches. Spread the Word: we DESPERATELY need revival.

Click here to watch the YouTube message, “A Burden for Revival

Writing from our Washington DC campus, where I am marveling at the extraordinary progress under Dr. Redd with his dedicated and UNIFIED faculty and staff, and amazed at a class that I just addressed, OVERFLOWING with students from all over Washington studying how to share the gospel with the Muslim community. If that doesn’t put a charge in your batteries I don’t know if your cables are working! It is so exciting to be on our campuses, be with our students, pray with our faculty, and SEE the work going forward.

Folks: this is exciting. I am pumped. I have never been more concerned. And I have never been more optimistic. I know that sounds like affirmations in conflict, but in my heart they are not: they admit the dire straits we are in. Yet the affirmation screams with joy that these are the days when God’s grace shines greatest.

Will you join me as we march forward together in 2013 with a burden for revival, a burden for God to come down and reveal His glory, spread His grace and truth like never before, and use us, as He might chose, in that glorious work.

Yours faithfully,

Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.
Chancellor & CEO
The James M. Baird Jr. Chair of Pastoral Theology