The Gift of Older Saints at Christmas


Do you want to hear something that is really neat? I’m rushing to get a Christmas gift to a fine, old friend of mine. He is 95 years old and a lawyer and he goes to work every single day. I have to get up early and get over there before he leaves to go to work to be able to get this gift to him. Isn’t that wonderful? He is 95 going on 45 and relishes each day the Lord gives him as a gift. His delight is in giving things away to others. I trust and pray I can bring something of Christ’s love to him this morning. What an inspiration such people are to us. Are they not God’s presence in our midst? The very image of God in our world? I so often think of babies and Christmas together. But this morning I am thinking of the aged, the Simeons and Annas— the faithful older saints of the world—and thanking God for them too. For they too remind me of the hope of Christmas too.