Christ: His Life Our Supreme Goal


I took our daily devotions tonight from the reflections of F.B. Meyer and his preaching of the centrality of our Savior in a true religion:

“Christ is the all and all in–all of our holy religion…not ceremonials, nor the life of active philanthropy, but his personal life and presence in the heart are the supreme goal of the New Testament. What the Father was to him, he desires to be to us”—Frederick Brotherton Meyer (April 8, 1847 – March 28, 1929), English Baptist Preacher.

I paused and read these words until I squeezed the fleshliness—my malignant sin— out into the open (or what sickly portion would come out at this time) and let it be exposed to the light of Jesus. Oh may the radiation of such a high Christology destroy the sick, multiplying cells of self, until I am weakened and totally unconvinced of any supposed native powers and altogether subdued beneath the person of Jesus Himself.

Then shall I live when thus I have truly died and Christ Jesus my “all in all ” has chartered a true religion.