A Prayer as We Begin Holy Week

Enrique_Simonet_-_Flevit_super_illam_-_1892Our Redeemer suffered death,
was buried and rose again for our sake.
With love let us adore him, aware of our needs.

Christ our teacher,
for us you were obedient, even to death:
Teach us to obey God’s will in all things.

Christ our life,
by dying on the cross
you destroyed the power of evil and death:
Enable us to die with you, and to rise with you in glory.

Christ our strength,
you were despised,
and humiliated as a condemned criminal:
Teach us the humility by which you saved the world.

Christ our salvation,
you gave your life out of love for us:
Help us to love one another.

Christ our Savior,
on the cross you embraced all time
with your outstretched arms:
Gather all the scattered children of God into your realm.

Eternal God,
whose word silences the shouts of the mighty:
Quiet within us every voice but your own.
Speak to us through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ
that by the power of your Holy Spirit
we may receive grace to show Christ’s love
in lives given to your service. Amen.

Standing at the foot of the cross,
let us pray as our Savior taught us:

Our Father…

– St. Bridget of Sweden

A Letter to a Student on Disappointment


My Beloved One in Christ: I know that you are disappoionted. You were not selected for the seminary of your choice. Your pastoral supervisor, your bishop, has other wise guidence for you, as well. Following his insights and instincts for your ministry will mean that as you submit to his caring counsel, however difficult, you […]

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from A LitanieThe Father

Father of heaven, and Him, by whom It, and us for it, and all else for us  Thou mad’st, and govern’st ever, come And re-create me, now grown ruinous: My heart is by dejection, clay.  And by self-murder, red.  From this red earth, O Father, purge Away all vicious tinctures, that new Fashioned I may […]

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Reading Mozart’s Requiem


Mozart’s final (and unfinished work), Requiem, is a powerful, sweeping piece of music that deserves its prominent place in the Western canon. One does not have to subscribe to a theological system that supports a “Mass for the Dead” to appreciate this monumental musical triumph. Indeed, the text  is mostly theologically accessible (and, at least, appreciable as faithful […]

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On the Meaning of Spirituality


Spirituality is the concern for the healing of the diseases of the human soul through divinely ordained means of grace that can bring about a trajectory of increasing wholeness in the soul. Christian Chaplains (and Christian clergy serving in all settings, in fact) are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the […]

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Unconscious Agendas: When Shepherds Harm (and how they must be healed)

1930s Old Family Photo

Is your life like the divine revelation of the Bible: unified, cohesive, and quietly, almost imperceptibly, telling one story? Or is your life more like a thousand singular memory verses: fragmented, polarized, and noisily, rather inelegantly, blurring the one story? There is an Anglican bishop who concludes his interviews with candidates for Holy Orders by […]

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Thank You for Your Kind Birthday Greetings


Thank you so much for your thoughtful birthday greetings. It means more than you could know. The world of Facebook has changed the way we do this, hasn’t it? But I rather like it. I know I can interact with more people who mean so much to me. I say again, with utmost sincerity, Thank […]

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Music and Time


The Preacher wrote in Ecclesiastes, “for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). The divinely employed author of Ecclesiastes seems to be calling us to see something else at work in the seasons and all of the matters of life. It is only God himself is able […]

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The Campaign of Repentance

Dunwich, JMW Turner, 1830.

I was stirred by the one word in the Collect: “Grant, O Lord, that we may begin with holy fasting this campaign [my emphasis] of Christian service, so that, we take up battle against spiritual evils, and we may be armed with weapons of self-restraint. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and […]

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Follow Your Call: Praying for those who will hear

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