In the Cross of Christ I Glory

As we begin this week leading up to Good Friday and then Easter, what better way to begin than by looking at the cross? Dr. Michael Milton, shares his message, “In the Cross of Christ We Glory,” preached at the historic First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga. The cross stands at the center of our faith. Only Jesus’ death on the cross can pay the price for our sins and uphold the glory of God’s justice. Without the death and resurrection of Christ, as the Apostle Paul said, we are still in our sins. Aren’t you thankful for the drama of that pivotal week in human history, when Jesus allowed himself to be crucified for us? — Truth in Action Ministries

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Faithfully Following Jesus

Are you a follower of Jesus? Of course, that is an extremely important thing—in fact—THE most important thing, but today Dr. Milton will be examining a kind of following that is ineffective. Many profess to believe in Jesus, attend church, and read the Bible, but then fail to apply the truth. One of the key […]

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Palm Sunday: A Dangerous Day


“The next day the large crowd that had come to the feast heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem. 13 So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!” – John 12:12-13. […]

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Status Symbols in the Kingdom of God? Truth that Transforms

Broadcast on Apr 4, 2014—Michael Milton shares how concern for the right status– in the kingdom of God–is what we need, in his message, “Status Symbols of the Kingdom of God.” Striving for status by this world’s standards is ultimately a losing proposition! The one we need to please, the one we need to fear, the […]

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Shaping the Still Unshapen: Hope in Sovereignty


It is easy to despair when the vicissitudes of life and the entropy of the world conspire. Yet Christ’s Gospel never shines so brightly as when placed in front of the black pall of the uncertain and the inexplicable. Scripture reveals truth authoritatively. Our best literature repeats that truth in stories from our real and […]

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Truth that Transforms for 3/30/14: A New World on its Way

“The message of the Church in the world is essentially optimistic,” says Dr. Michael Milton, “because there is a new heaven and a new earth underway.” The conclusion to the series Silent No More: Why the Church Must Cry Aloud and Spare Not (Isaiah 58) takes the greater panoramic view of the Bible in which […]

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How a Wounded Bird Flies


2013-2014 © Words and Music by Michael Milton, Bethesda (BMI). A song written and recorded to help meditate upon Christ through affliction. If I could identify My pain with His suffering Then I could realize His life in mine If I could begin to see The gift of this suffering Is naught but an offering […]

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Burdened Prayer


“He prayed because the needs of the world were upon him. ” This from the biographical sketch of EM Bounds in The Necessity of Prayer (published by @Logos). I am reminded of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s work on The Prophets. He said that the prophets felt things much deeper than others. They were offended for […]

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The Simple Things, The Profound Things: A Charge to Pastor and People on God’s Love

The first things that are said at the beginning of a new relationship are the most important. We know that in courtship, in relationships with friends, and even in job interviews and sales appointments. The time of charging a new pastor and the congregation is no different. I once read that the immortal football legend, […]

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In That Day No Need for Preachers


I recently rummaged through some older sermon manuscripts. I developed a new appreciation for the long-suffering graces of my first congregation—and my wife! Reading them reminded me of Spurgeon’s thought: “If some men were sentenced to hear their own sermons, it would be a righteous judgment upon them; but they would soon cry out with […]

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